A few words about us

A beloved local Chinese restaurant in Bloor-Yorkville, Dynasty Chinese Cuisine has welcomed guests to enjoy its contemporary Chinese cuisine, warm hospitality, and unparalleled service for over two decades. 

To ensure your seats during your visit, please call us at 416.923.3323 to make reservations.


Unveiling the Exquisite Delights

Discover the enchanting world of Chinese cuisine through its incredible assortment of dim sum and dinner plates. Dim sum, the delightful array of bite-sized dishes, presents a symphony of flavours and textures. From the translucent shrimp-filled "har gow" dumplings to the juicy "siu mai" with pork and shrimp, each dish is a culinary masterpiece. Steamed buns offer fluffy delights, filled with savoury or sweet options like the barbecue pork "char siu bao." Moving to dinner plates, regional specialties captivate with dishes like the crispy-skinned roasted duck and Szechuan style Beef Tenderloins showcase the rich flavours of Chinese cuisine. Embrace the diversity and artistry of Chinese dining as you savour the variety of dim sum and dinner plates.


Dim Sum

With the translucent shrimp-filled "har gow" dumplings and the succulent "siu mai" boasting a blend of pork and shrimp, every dish becomes a work of culinary art. Additionally, steamed buns bring forth airy pleasures, whether stuffed with savory fillings or offering a delightful sweetness as found in the barbecue pork "char siu bao."


Lunch & Dinner

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of regional specialties such as the delicate "steamed whole fish" and the tantalizing crispy-skinned roasted duck. Meanwhile, beloved classics like Kung Pao chicken and Mongolian beef proudly display the opulent flavours that define Chinese cuisine. Embrace the remarkable diversity and artistic craftsmanship of Chinese dining while relishing the delightful assortment of dim sum and dinner plates.



Are you a resident of the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood? We offer convenient food delivery services, allowing you to save time and energy to enjoy activities of your choice. Rest assured, no matter what you order, we will deliver it right to your doorstep!

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